Lavender pretty baby 👑

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Ben Allen by Sebastian Sabal-Bruce for Essential Homme November 2013 issue

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Hilary Duff @ Marquee for #ChasingtheSun Single Premiere - 8/24/14

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More news about Hilary’s music / single.

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Metamorphosis (2003) + Hilary Duff (2004) + Most Wanted (2005) + Dignity (2007) + Best Of Hilary Duff (2008) + Chasing The Sun - Single (7/29)

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Hilary Duff + Single Covers

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Hilary Duff is signed with RCA, you can pre-order “Chasing The Sun" now!

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Alexander Ferrario @ Les Hommes backstage
Photographed by Nicolò Parsenziani 

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